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East Side Kindergarten School Faculty & Staff

about 1 year ago


          Tracy Arnold                                                                           Teacher

           Faye Amos                                                                              Teacher

                                                                                Teacher, SPED

           Kristeen Keeton                                                                     Speech

           Brooke Ketchum                                                                    Teacher

          Danyelle Rice                                                                          Teacher

           Kyetta Richardson                                                                  Teacher

           Bridget Shows                                                                        Teacher

           Casey Welch                                                                           Physical Education


           Emily Black                                                                              Teacher Assistant

                                                                                 Teacher Assistant                                                                                Rhodia Smith-Fair                                                                  Teacher Assistant

            Lynn Ivy                                                                                   Teacher Assistant    

            Jacqueline Johnson                                                                Teacher Assistant

            Debbie Langley                                                                      Teacher Assistant

            Mary Quinn                                                                             Teacher Assistant

                                                                                          Teacher Assistant

            Elizabeth Tallie                                                                       Teacher Assistant

            Latarsha Taylor                                                                       Teacher Assistant 

            Tonya Williams                                                                        Teacher Assistant    


             Jacqueline G. Gray                                                                   Principal

             Rebecca DeSantis                                                                    Counselor

             Sulata Cox                                                                         Administrative Assistant

             Sandra Ware                                                                           Cafeteria Manager

             Phelicia Smith                                                                            Custodian

  • East Side Organizational Chart


    Teachers/Assistant Teachers



    At East Side we operate on a TEAM concept. Our focus is on educating our students to be successful in all they do. Each member of our team plays a vital part within our organization. The principal has an open-door policy that allows students, staff, parents, and stakeholders to express their opinions and concerns about our school.
  • Vision and Mission Statements
    East Side Elementary Vision Statement:

    All Students Will Be Successful

    East Side Elementary Mission Statement:

    To teach our students the skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.


    We believe all students will be successful.
    We believe students have a responsibility to actively participate in their own education.
    We belive we can shape the character of our students.
    We believe that we share the responsibility for providing a learning environment for our students with their parents and their community.
  • East Side Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten School Daily Schedulte
    7:15 A.M. School Opens

    Supervision Begins

    Teachers Report for Duty

    Breakfast Begins

    7:45 A.M. Breakfast Ends

    Students Dismissed to Class

    8:00 A.M. Announcements


    8:05 A.M. Instruction Begins

    11:00 A.M. - 12:10 A.M. Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Lunch & Recess

    2:15 P.M. Pre-Kindergarten Dismissal

    2:20-2:30 P.M. Kindergarten Dismissal

    3:00 P.M. Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Teachers Dismissed
  • East Side Pre-Kindergarten Faculty & Staff
    Mary Clair Ford Teacher, Pre-k

    Rebecca Vaughan Teacher, Pre-k

    Rachel Nichols Teacher, ARC

    Lacie Pumphrey Teacher, Pre-k

    Bridget Shows Teacher, Pre-k

    Debbie Williams Teacher, SPED

    Brenda Britt Teacher Assistant, Pre-k

    Sharon Circus Teacher Assistant, Pre-k

    Juwana Jenkins Teacher Assistant, Pre-k

    Lavelda Lane Teacher Assistant, SPED

    Debbie Langley Teacher Assistant, Pre-k

    Dianne Watkins Teacher Assistant, CCARC

    Emily Patterson Speech

    Jacqueline G. Gray Principal

    Dawn Wilbourne Director, CCARC

    Sulata Cox Administrative Assistant

    Beatrice Kelly Custodian

    Lakesha Stark Cafeteria